Cakewalk & Sonar Resources
Cakewalk is now a Free Download. DirectiXer is a DirectX wrapper for VST plugins. Frank's MIDI Plug-Ins is a growing set of useful Cakewalk MIDI Plug-Ins. Trial versions available to try out.

Cakewalk Resources

  • Cakewalk
  • Windows & Mac sequencer with integrated midi and audio. SONAR demo available plus other downloads including Studio Panels, CAL & instrument definition files ( plus even more here at CalkWalkNet ).
  • Alan's Compulsive Habits
  • Alan provides some original CAL scripts plus a number he has collected.
  • AnalogX
  • AnalogX provides free DirectX plugins including a gate and a vocal remover.
  • AudioFileManager
  • Prorec provide a freeware Windows application for keeping track of your Cakewalk WAV files.
  • Discussion forums for PC software and hardware including dedicated ones for Cakewalk and SONAR.
  • Cakewalk Artists Links Repository
  • A center for linking Cakewalk users that allow you to submit your own URL.
  • Cakewalk & Sonar Users Site
  • A site for users of Cakewalk and Sonar. French and English versions are available. There is also a CakewalkFrancophone group for French Cakewalk users.
  • Cakewalk Power / SONAR Power
  • Cakewalk Power is the first book to deal exclusively with the Cakewalk Pro Audio, Guitar Studio, and Home Studio products. Now SONAR Power and Sound Forge Power are also available. This site provides information about the books, plus user resources including a free newsletter, live chat, discussion area, and the chance to win free music software products!
  • Cakewalk Pro Made Easy
  • Useful for people still using Cakewalk Pro Audio.
  • Cake Talking
  • Sonar access for blind musicians.
  • Cakewalkin' The Easy Way
  • Good beginner information for anyone still using Cakewalk for Windows 3.1.
  • The CAL Page
  • Some CAL files with an explanation of each.
  • CAL Tutorial Project
  • Archive of a past website that provided information to help you learn how to write your own CAL scripts. While not all pages are available many are.
  • Clone Ensemble
  • Clone Ensemble is a shareware plugin for VST and DirectX that will turn a solo voice into a chorus group. Bass Chorus is a free plugin for VST and DirectX that provides chorus and flanging features.
  • FTP Archive
  • Most of the CAL files date back to '94 but some useful ones are included.
  • Digilogue
  • Digilogue present shareware plugins for VST and DirectX. A wide range of digital audio plugins available.
  • DirectXFiles
  • Links to lots of DirectX plugins available.
  • Kurzweil Cakewalk Support Page
  • This page features KLIB, a freeware PC editor for the K2x00. Plus there are some other great resources & software for Cakewalk/Kurzweil users.
  • FASoft DirectX Plugins
  • EQ, compressor and FX plugins for DirectX applications.
  • Forum
  • provide an active forum for Cakewalk users.
  • InsXtract
  • Allows you to extract the entire instrument definition from a patches file (.syx or .mid format) for Cakewalk MIDI sequencers. Supported instruments are E-MU Orbit/Planet Phatt/Carnaval, Roland JV/XP, Korg Prophecy, Yamaha FS1R and Access Virus. This program is free and is designed to work with Windows 9X, Me, 2000, NT.
  • MusicLab
  • MusicLab make Rhythm'n'Chords MIDI FX Cakewalk plugin to allow you to easily create guitar. Also see VeloMaster, a MIDI dynamics processor plugin for Cakewalk. tracks.
  • Ntonyx Style Enhancer
  • Style Enhancer processes MIDI files to add human performance characteristics. Ntonyx offer both a stand alone version of their performance modeling software as well as a Cakewalk MIDI FX plugin.
  • Prorec
  • Pro recording web site that includes info on digital audio recording, related software and music computer technology. Cakewalk news and files are also provided.
  • S2000 - Philippe Gervais' Homepage
  • Cakewalk studio panels plus other info and resources for the Akai S2000. French language option only. Also panels available for the Roland D110 and Juno 106.
  • Programs & Macros For Cakewalk
  • CAL files to download with an explanation of what is going on in them from the Mandelbrot Music Page.
  • Secrets Of Programming CAL
  • Although this site is not available anymore you can visit an archive of it. A Source of Facts, Tips and Examples to Answer the Questions That Can't be Found in Any of the Documentation or Other Tutorials
  • SonarWiki
  • Wiki for Sonar with links to Sonar resources and info online.
  • Stomp 'n FX
  • DSound provide Stomp 'n FX guitar stomp box plugins for VST for Mac and PC and DirectX for the PC. AutoWah, Chorus, Compression and Distortion are included. Demos available. Also see the free DT-1 distortion and amp modeling plugin available for download.
  • Underground Guide
  • John S. Allen also provides lots of very useful information and tips for using Cakewalk. Well worth visiting.
  • VST DX Wrapper
  • VST-DX Wrapper Pro is a product that allows to use VST plugins in applications that support only DX format such as Cakewalk, SoundForge, ACID, Vegas Pro, Samplitude, etc.
  • XG And Cakewalk
  • How to get the most from your XG synth or soundcard using Cakewalk.
  • Yahoo Cakewalk Groups
  • A number of Cakewalk & Sonar groups are available at Yahoo.

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