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A good presentation of the Casio CT-X700 at NAMM 2018. See for file downloads and discussion. Craig Anderton reviews the Casio XW-P1 SonicState video of the Casio XW-P1 Keyboard Mag also look at the XW-P1. Casio annouce the XW synthesizer series.
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Casio Sites

  • Casio
  • Casio's official web site. See Casio Music for info on Casio keyboards.
  • Casio Music Forums
  • Forums for Casio keyboards.
  • Casio Reviews - Synth Site
  • User reviews of Casio keyboards at Synth Site.
  • Casio Reviews - Harmony Central
  • User reviews of Casio keyboards at Harmony Central.
  • Casio Keyboards Group
  • Yahoo group for discussion on Casio keyboards.
  • Keyboardforums
  • Forums for keyboard related discussion including forums for Casio, Korg, Roland, Technics and Yamaha.
  • SoundLib
  • Now freeware Windows patch lib for over 17 synths including Casio CZ .
  • Synth Museum - Casio
  • The Casio room at Synth Museum featuring info and pictures.
  • Troubador's Casio Guitar Page
  • A very informative page discussing Casio midi guitars from Troubador Tech.
  • CTK/WK Rhythm Player
  • Freeware software that lets you preview a CKF file on your Windows XP PC.
  • CZ Series Sysex
  • A MIDI data chart providing the MIDI messages that can be used with CZ series synths.
  • CZSynth
  • A Yahoo group for discussion on CZ and VZ series synths.
  • CZ101/1000 Editor
  • A Windows editor for the CZ-101 and CZ-1000 you can download.
  • CZ-1000 - Synthesizer Patches
  • A page with some CZ-1000 patches available for download.
  • CZ-1 - Karl Schmidt's Midi Software
  • Karl's original DOS software for Casio CZ synths. He also provides a fix for Win9x Unisyn users that are having problems with CZ profiles.
  • DH Series - Ted Keys
  • Ted can repair and will buy broken DH series horns.
  • DH-100 Digital Horn Fingering
  • Fingering charts for the Casio DH-100 showing both the traditional recorder plus special Casio fingerings.
  • FZ-1 - Andreas' FZ-1 Page
  • Tools, tips and samples for the Casio FZ-1 sampler.
  • FZ-1 - Casiorama
  • Provides some technical information for the FZ-1 sampler.
  • FZ-1 - Noteit's FZ-1 Page
  • Archived website - NoteIt provided a very complete resource guide for the FZ-1 sampler with good technical information as well as links to most resources and sounds available for it.
  • FZ1 Tools
  • FZ-Dump software for MSDOS supporting SoundBlaster Midi, and if you have the FZ->PC adapter cable, high speed parallel port sample transfer.
  • MT-400V Group
  • Yahoo Group for discussion of the MT-400V plus other older Casio synths.
  • Music Machines Casio Page
  • Info, pics & resources
  • Privia
  • Links for the Privia PX-5s
  • SK-1 MIDI DIY Project
  • A DIY project to allow MIDI control of your Casi SK-1 sampler. Presented by the Maximum Midi - C++ Toolkit web site.
  • STYTOCKF converter
  • Yamaha PSR style to CKF rhythm converter under development.
  • VL-1 Demos
  • Mp3 demo tracks of the VL-1 plus some background info.
  • VL-1 Emulator
  • Freeware PC VST-i plugin to emulate the VL-1. Also has a VL-1 manual available to download.
  • VL-1 - Maximum Cheesescore
  • Provides info and links for the Casio VL-1.
  • VZ-1 - EZ-VZ
  • Archive of a site with documentation, software and patches for VZ series synths. Some files are still available.
  • VZ-1 - Easy-VeeZee Chat
  • Archive of a forum for users of the VZ series synths. You can't post new messages here anymore but you can read past messages.
  • WK-3000 Keyboard
  • Archive of a site that provided info and resources for WK-3000 users.
  • WK-3000 - Klaus' Page
  • Files to download for the WK-3000.
  • XW-P1 Harmony Central
  • Forum thread where Craig Anderton and Mike Martin provide in depth information and answer questions on the XW-P1 synthesizer.

    Casio Files

  • VZ-1 Patches
  • Should work with the VZ-8M and 10M also
  • Various Casio Files
  • Software and patch files for Casio keyboards including the CZ and FZ series.

    Related Products

  • American Perfit
  • Replacement parts for Casio products including keyboards,
  • Awave - FMJ Software
  • Awave is great audio format converter for Windows This is an essential tool for any PC & sampler owner. Huge list of supported formats including Casio FZ-1, Midi SDS Dump, and much more. Limited shareware version available for download.
  • Greytsounds
  • Commercial CZ and VZ sounds available for purchase from the Soundsource catalog.
  • KasioKristmas
  • Cool arrangements of Xmas music using classic Casio synths.
  • Patchman Music
  • Sounds available for the CZ-101
  • Strawberry Music
  • Sell styles for Casio, Yamaha, Roland and Technics arranger keyboards.
  • Talking Owner's Manuals
  • Instructional materials & accessories for Casio keyboards.

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