Classified Ads & Auctions
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Classified Ads & Auctions

  • DJ Town
  • Features classified ads for used pro DJ gear.
  • Ebay Keyboards
  • Keyboard and piano listings at ebay
  • Guitar Center
  • Used equipment available from the Guitar Center chain.
  • Harmony Central Classifieds
  • Used equipment
  • MusicGoRound
  • Allows you to buy and sell music gear across the USA and lets you search by location.
  • PianoMart
  • Provides an online service for people to sell used pianos. Also has links to other piano related services and accessories.
  • Recycler Classifieds
  • Great online version of Recycler classifieds for certain US states including the LA issues. Now there is also a musicians resource site which lists repair shops in Southern California.
  • The biggest newsgroup for synth related info with some ads.
  • A newsgroup with synth & music equipment for sale.
  • Sonicstate's Classified Ads
  • A good up to date selection of synths/keyboards plus other categories of music gear.
  • Sweetwater Trading Post
  • Sweetwater, a well known dealer in new music gear, provide a trading post for you to buy or sell second hand gear.
  • Site offering classified ads with transaction protection. Quite a few keyboard ads here.
  • Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions feature sales of all type of vintage gear.
  • Yahoo's Keyboard Auctions
  • Electric keyboards and synths, MIDI gear, organs and pianos up for auction.

    Related Sites

  • PayPal
  • Paypal provides a secure method of making and receiving payments online. Well suited for buying and selling music gear online.
  • PrePal
  • Provides used selling prices of a number of synthesizers.
  • Used Gear Search
  • A useful search engine that allows you to search Harmony Central, Sonicstate and Ebay auctions for keyboards and synths for sale.

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