Motorola 6809 simulator

This is version 0.1 beta of sim6809.

sim6809 is a 6809 simulator, which contains a debugger, and support for Intel Hex binary files.

This program is beta software, and enhancements are welcome. There is no documentation at this time. To see debugger commands, type "h" in the debugger.

Have a look to the example 6809 file example.asm, which explains how to print text on the console, and how to read a string from standard input.

sim6809 0.1 beta Free 6809 simulator for Linux.

This program needs an assembler which is able to produce Intel Hex files, such as this 6809 free assembler:

6809 assembler Free 6809 assembler for Linux.

If you know over free 6809 assemblers for Unix or Linux, let me know.

Here are some documents about 6809 : (only one at that time, more to come)

6846 specs This document describe the old 6846 chip which was used with 6800 as a timer, PIA, frequency generator.
It contains scanned GIF files of the original book from Motorola.

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