A Mirage program in Java

Here's a Java application that converts Mirage wavesample dumps to and from Wave and AIFF sound files. I'm testing it, please be charitable.

It's been over two years so I can't claim to be testing anymore, but it's a free program so I hope you'll still be charitable. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems or questions, or just to let me know that it worked for you if it did. It's always nice to hear that someone has found it useful.

UPDATE!: I've just uploaded new versions of MirageAp.zip and MirageAp.sit. They contain a updated version of the Sound.class module, correcting a bug in the original. (Hanging when importing sound files longer than 32,767 samples.)

Generic Application

MirageAp.zip (17.1KB)

Basic instructions: Unzip the file and double-click the "Mirage App" shortcut to start the program. This works for me under Windows 95 with Microsoft Internet Explorer installed. If your setup is different, you'll have to figure out how to start up your Java interpreter and make it run the module MirageAp.class.

Using the Java SDK from Sun, again under Windows 95, typing "java MirageAp" in an MS-DOS command-line window works for me.

As another approach, here's a tiny version of the SDK's Java interpreter for Windows 95 which I've cut down to be as small as possible yet still run MirageAp:

Tinyjava.zip (329KB)

(This file doesn't include the MirageAp program, so you should download MirageAp.zip too.)

Unzip this into the same directory where you put the MirageAp files. (There's a zip file in the zip file called "CLASSES.ZIP". DON'T UNZIP THIS ONE! Java expects its standard classes to be in a zip file, so leave it there.) Also included is MIRAGEAP.BAT. I can run MirageAp by double-clicking this file from an Explorer directory. You might have to edit the directory names in this file, currently set to "C:\MIRAGEAP".

Assuming you have the program up and running now, select File/Open to choose a file and the program will figure out what kind of a file it is. Then save it as whatever you want to turn it into. I'll write some documentation shortly but it seems reasonably self-evident from here (to me anyway.)

For Macintosh

I thought the program would just run on a Macintosh, but apparently Sun's idea of cross-platform development isn't quite the same as mine... So here's a separate Macintosh version that I cooked up.

MirageAp.sit (14.1KB)

I know a frighteningly small amount about using Java on Macs. If you figure out how to get it to work on your computer, please tell me how you did it! See "readme.txt" for more on this.

A couple of Mac Java links in case they help:

Java Developers Kit 1.0.2 for Macintosh

Mac OS Runtime for Java 1.5


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