A new, improved (I hope) version of

The Mirage Sampler Dumper V. 1.1!

for Windows 95.

IMPORTANT NOTE! I've just added (as of 25 February 1998) a couple of DLL's that people complained were missing, so this zip file might just work for every Windows 95 user....

Unzip the save set and run Setup.exe to install (I used a beta version of InstallShield I got with VC++ 4 Unleashed).

This program can load and save WAV files to and from an Ensoniq Mirage, and can set all the various front panel parameters.  Here is a screen shot of the program:

Screen shot of Mirage Sampler Dumper

This is my first Visual C++ experience (you can check out my second program, S612 Sampler Dumper), which took about a month to build. I used a couple of cool tools:

Improvements in V. 1.1 over V. 1.0:

If someone has the Giebler file format, I'd like a copy - it might be nice to be able to save directly to that format and then we could use their tools to load diskettes with looping information et al saved directly.

Also, if anyone knows about saving/extracting looping information from WAV files, I'd like to know that for this program.

Here are some links for Mirage-related stuff:

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