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GNIStyle 1.16 available

Shareware GNIStyle for KORG i-series Keyboards

Create your personal styles for your KORG i-series Keyboard or module on PC (Win95, Win98, WinNT4, DOS).
Shareware program helps to convert small loopable MIDI files (patterns) for each variation button (Intro1-2, Var1-4, Fill1-2, Ending1-2)
into KORG i-3 style files. Most i-series can read them directly from floppy disk, some need conversion with a style converter on this page (is40, is50), i30 users should have installed OS 2.0 ( or higher that i3 files can be loaded directly into i30.
This program can also be used to modify existing KORG i3 styles. Editors for style title, style program&mix, chord variation table are included.
Supports direct testing of MIDI tracks on keyboard with MIDI cable. Contextsensitive help with tips how to create styles (from own ideas or from a midi song).

The free demo program from this page can be used to create simple styles with your MIDI sequencer. It is all you need to test if it works, full version is identical file without limitation of variants.
The registered full version supports creation or modification of 4 KORG i3 user styles per style file, with up to 36 variation tracks for 10 keyboard buttons and 6 instruments (Drum, Percussion, Bass, Acc1, Acc2, Acc3) per style.

Mehrsprachigkeit:  GNIStyle ist zweisprachig: Deutsch und Englisch!

Registration:  valid for update versions 1.00 - 1.99 Register this software NOW at
Download: (version 1.16), 413k
ScreenShot: gnistyle.jpg, 43k
Comments: from GNIStyle users

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Links to pages about midi
info  PC midi interface programs and KORG i-series programs written by G. Nagler
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info  KORG i-series tips and tricks (style creating, arranging, midi song sequencing)
by KORG Deutschland (most in German language)
info  Style creation guidelines (GIF scans)
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info DOS batch program to combine two i3 styles into a merged style
requires registered GNIStyle DOS converters: mid2isty, isty2mid
info GNStyFmt style format converter for Windows (i3 -> others, others -> i3)
info edit some arrangement file parameters not editable by all KORG i-series keyboards (Win95)
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info DOS (batch) program to copy global settings from one .pcg file to many others (i3 compatibles)
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info split larger PCG files into smaller ones to access all programs with Korg-i series keyboards
info Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format I styles (i30,...) (PC)
info Korg format 9 (i2,i3,...) styles to Korg format M styles (is40, is50, ...) (DOS, untested)
info Korg format I (i30,...) styles to Korg format 9 (i2, i3, ...) (PC)
info Korg format M (is40, is50,...) styles to Korg format 9 styles (i2,i3,...) (DOS)
info  USB Styles on cdrom
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info  Freeware: CDK - Configuration Management Tool for Korg i1-i3
by Mikko Leino
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by Carlo Petrini
info  Shareware istyle Homepage: style and arrangement converter for Windows
by Milan Markovic
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by Alain Fraysse
info  Shareware KST Korg i30 Style Kit
by Robert Gilmour
info  Shareware RMCA Pro StyleMaker and Chord Arranger
by Michael Brick
info  KORG is a registered trademark of Korg Inc. Corporation
info  MSDOS, Windows,Win32 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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