Xpander Audio Input Modification

The link at the bottom of this page points to a ZIP archive of the 17 pages of documentation that covers a modification to allow you 6 independent audio inputs for the Oberheim Xpander. It's quite a nice modification. :) 

Some time in the past, a kit of parts was available to do this, but at this point, you're kindof on your own. The required parts are not hard to find, nor is the modification hard to perform if you have reasonable soldering skills. The hardest part of the work is psyching yourself up to drill holes in the backplane of your Xpander. :) 

The files in the archive are: 

These are JPG scans that entail a two page cover letter that I recieved with my kit, the twelve pages of instructions, two pages of  schematics, and a scan of the original faceplate that came with the kit. 

Download this file: xpndr_in.zip (1377138 bytes) and go nuts. :)

Many thanks to Chris Boucher for uploading his copy of this file. I had lost the original in a crash.

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