The main purpose of this page is to combine all of the stuff that I have collected for the Jupiter-6 and Juno-106 synthesizers onto one page. When I first got my Juno and Jupiter it took me ages to locate the presets, documentation, and other useful information. I hope that this simple collection will help you avoid the crap I had to go through. Don't expect tons of pretty graphics or fancy fonts, just enough to get the job done.

This stuff is really only useful to owners of these synths and I feel that it should be free since it should have come with your synth to begin with. Some of us, however, have purchased our gear second hand and quite often the previous owner has not been so kind to include everything. Most of what is here has been gathered from various places on the internet. I'd like to give big thanks to those who helped create the content. Also, I think that all of you LOSERS who try to sell the factory patch tapes for outrageous sums of money can go shove it. Ripping off people is not cool.

I don't know how often I will be updating this page, but if you have anything that I don't have please send me email at

Roland Jupiter-6

JP-6 Factory Preset Banks Download 22KHz 8Bit WAV (141K)
JP-6 Factory Preset Banks
Try this if you have trouble with the 22KHz version!
Download 44.1KHz 8Bit WAV (482K)
JP-6 Version 6.0 EPROM Code Download ZIP Compressed (6K)
Synthcom's Factory Preset EPROM Code Download ZIP Compressed (13K)
Calibration Procedure (1/4) Download JPEG Image (208K)
Calibration Procedure (2/4) Download JPEG Image (231K)
Calibration Procedure (3/4) Download JPEG Image (202K)
Calibration Procedure (4/4) Download JPEG Image (169K)
Feature comparisons between JP-6, JP-8, and MKS-80 Download Text (15K)
Full JP-6 User's Manual in GIF format Download ZIP Compressed (3.3MB)

Tips on successfully loading the factory presets into your Jupiter-6

  1. BACKUP AND VERIFY your old patch data first! If you can't do this successfully, you certainly won't get the presets loaded. This will give you something to fall back upon if the load is unsuccessful, rather than leaving you with a screwed up JP-6.
  2. Make sure the volume is as loud as possible without distorting. This doesn't mean to go hooking up your JP-6 to your favorite power amplifier, just make sure you are giving it a loud and clean line-level signal. If you use the 44.1KHz version, the output of your sound card at its highest level should suffice. The 22KHz version seems to require a higher volume, probably due to the lesser quality.
  3. If using the sound card output directly does not work but you have a tape deck which loading and saving works well with, try recording the WAV file to a tape first and then loading it to your JP-6 that way.
  4. I suggest using the 44.1KHz version of the presets. It took me quite a while to load the 22KHz presets properly. I did not personally record these banks so I cannot vouch for their quality, however I did quite carefully record the 44.1KHz WAV from my own JP-6 after a successful load. I then verified them numerous times with great success.
  5. Try different volume levels. I found that my JP-6 was quite happy with some very high levels and some fairly low levels, but choked at the inbetween levels. Go figure.
  6. I've noticed that the 22KHz version is lacking some of the 5 second pilot tone. It appears to have been chopped off to conserve space. While this seems to work ok with some synths, I've found that my JP-6 needs the full 5 seconds in front or else the behavior is unpredictable.

Roland Juno-106

Juno-106 Factory Preset Group A Download 11KHz 8Bit WAV (52K)
Juno-106 Factory Preset Group B Download 11KHz 8Bit WAV (52K)
Juno-106 Factory Preset Group A Download 22KHz 8Bit WAV (95K)
Juno-106 Factory Preset Group B Download 22KHz 8Bit WAV (89K)
Calibration Procedure (1/2) Download JPEG Image (460K)
Calibration Procedure (2/2) Download JPEG Image (500K)
Service Manual Page 5 (Block Diagram) Download JPEG Image (402K)
Service Manual Page 13 (Analog Schematic) Download JPEG Image (614K)
Juno-106 SYSEX Format Download Text (7K)
Juno-106 Test Mode Download Text (4K)

Possibly Useful Links

Eventually there may be more stuff added here, but for now this is it... and just FYI I have personally tested and verified the preset banks found on this page. Your results may vary, however they all worked just fine for me.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

Page last updated: Saturday, August 29, 1998