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If you have been to this page over the past few months, you have seen me do much talking about a Win9X MKS-80 patch/tone manager that I'm programming that has so far been vaporware. But I'm actually working on it again, and beleive I will have a rough working versin by the end of October. I hope this deadline sticks this time, and sorry about the slacking on my part...

Patch Loading Instructions

The patch files on this page are stored in standard MIDI files. Loading new patches will erase the old ones, so save any unsaved patches you want to keep first.

1) Make sure that the switch on the back is set to MIDI.
2) Set the MIDI Function switch to III.
3) Set the the Protect to OFF.
4) Set the Cartridge/MIDI switch to MIDI.
5) Set the Memory Area switch to Internal.
6) Set the Midi Channel to 1. This is done by holding the MIDI Channel button and press Bank 1.
3) Play the MKS-80 patch MIDI file with your sequencer (make sure the Midi output port is set to your MKS-80.)

Patch Saving Instructions

The following file contains the commands that tell the MKS-80 to send its internal Tone and Patch data. You can use this file to save the data inside your MKS-80 to your sequencer. Simply play this file while recording the MKS-80 data to a new track.



Patch FileNames




Original Factory Presets (from internal memory bank)

Scott Juskiw


Original Factory Presets (from memory cartridge area B)

Scott Juskiw


4 Patches/5 Tones Scott found in some old Roland User Group magazines

Scott Juskiw

Other MKS-80 Resources

Peavey 1600X MKS-80 Patch

Download a MKS-80 patch for the Peavey 1600X
here. The 1600 is a midi controller that can do a great job editing any MKS-80 that doesn't have the MPG-80 programmer. This file uses some of the features special to the 1600X (or an upgraded 1600) so it's not quite as convenient for the regular 1600. Many thanks to Francis Parsons for creating this. For any questions or praise you can email him.

Cakewalk MKS-80 StudioWare Panel

If anyone has a StudioWare Panel for the MKS-80 I would happily post it here.

MKS-80 SYSEX Specifications

Here is a link to the SYSEX specifications for the MKS-80. Thanks again to Francis Parsons for typing this from the MKS-80 manual in a much more legible format.

Other MKS-80 Links

MKS-80/MPG-80 Specs and User Comments