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1. Create a separate DIR on you HDD (PC) called e.g. C:\KN5000UP
2. Save link as C:\KN5000UP\KN5KPV8.EXE
3. Put a formatted diskette (1.44MB HD) to drive A:
4. Change to c:\KN5000UP
5a) in DOS, type:
C:\KN5000UP\KN5KPV8 /W
5b) in Windows from START Menu "RUN" write to the command line box:
C:\KN5000UP\KN5KPV8 /W

After completion you have a disk that you can use to update your Keyboard as follows:
Insert the Disk in KN5000 and press following Buttons while switching on your Keyboard:
Panelmemory 1,2,3, and 4
after a while you have the FLASH Updated....
Now switch the keyboard off and on again.

The instructions for versions 9 and 10 below


Instructions to make an update disk

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Background information

This instruction is based on the experiences that the Technics 'Power Users' have realized.
NOTE! The examples here are based on version 10 but will apply to other versions by using the current version's filename
The ZIPped file is made by using a DOS util called  DOSIMAGE.EXE
How to copy a 100% copy of an original ?
 Win95/WinNT4: Using Explorer, click with right mouse button the A:drive figure and select "Copy Disk" from A to A
 Separate filecopy will fail !
 You can also open the DOS command prompt window and type  :
 diskcopy a: a:
Can a floppy like the 'strange' UPDATE disk be attached to Email ? : YES  use DOSIMAGE.EXE !
How to create an image-file from the Update disk :
1. Create a separate DIR on you HDD (PC) called KN5000UP
2. Put the DOS util DOSIMAGE.EXE in this DIR 
3. Insert the original KN5 update disk in drive A:
4. Change to c:\KN5000UP
5. Type in the command :  DOSIMAGE SAVE a:  Kn5kv10.img 
    (This command creates an image from the disk in drive A: , the name of the image is Kn5kv10.img)
6. After the imagefile Kn5kv10.img is created on the PC's HDD (DIR C:\KN5000UP) Both files are ZIPped :
    The image and the executable DOSIMAGE.
Sending the ZIPped file as an Email attachment  the received file with an unzip-action showed ABSOLUTELY no difference  after the command :
DOSIMAGE RESTORE Kn5kv10.img a:   
Note: Lower case a: (this command creates a 100% copy  of the original disk on another (new) disk)
So both disks became exact copies......... yeaah !  (compare PCTOOLS 8.0)
So far all made updates has had no problems at ALL !
Instant instructions to use the downloaded file to update your KN5000:
 You must copy the ZIPped file to a harddisk directory like c:\kn5000up because there is not enough space for the two unzipped files on a diskette
1. Unzip the file called  KNUPDATE.ZIP with WINZIP
2. The result will be 2 files.
3. One of them is the DOS executable DOSIMAGE.EXE and can be used to create a disk.
4. Insert a new blank disk in drive A: 
5. Type in the command :  DOSIMAGE RESTORE Kn5kv10.img a: 
Note! Lower case a:
6. After DOSIMAGE did his work the result will be a perfect copy of a original update DISK ! 
When you really want to update your KN5000 :
1. Switch power OFF 
2. Insert the 'update-disk'  in the KN5000 drive. 
3. Press (keep pressing) PM1, PM2, PM3 and PM4 simultaniously while switching power ON.
4. At first the display show 'Please wait !'  (you can release the four PM buttons now)
5. Then after a few seconds you'll see that Updating goes automatically. 
6. Updating takes a few minutes and at the end you are asked to Reboot. (Power OFF and ON) 
It seems several dealers don't like the idea, people update KN's themselves ! (They tell KN-owners, only dealers are capable to do thes things !??)  General Music Instruments has a WEB-page where product updates can be downloaded and it is 'normal'  customers do updating themselves !! (Take a look at )
In some countries dealers say "A KN5000 is bug-free !"  We all know better..... don't we ? 
You are all 'free' to use upgraded versions or not, but when you are not 100% of the quality of the disk you created, don't use it. (I don't like to be blamed when something goes wrong. The only responsible person is you... not me !)