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KN6000 FLASH EPROM updates taken care by  1999-11-09 

The New sx-KN6000 The new KN6000
(No, I haven't this,  Why? )
KN5000 My keyboard
is KN5000

(Yes, KN3000 as well)

SX-KN5000 The New FLASH Ver10.0 update note: follow the old instructions   1999.08.02

Test the FLASH Version of your KN5000  1999.08.02

TECHNICS user's ID list  is not updated at this site but is now taken care by Dave Ross, take a look at Dave's nice homepage Technics Players List    1999.09.06

 Songs for KN5000 and KN3000    1999.08.02

SX-KN5000 Comparison between KN5000 & KN3000 1997.10.17

SX-KN5000 The PC Host Port Driver NOW with cable drawing!   1998.03.05

SX-KN5000 Specifications   1997.10.12

LOOK SX-KN5000 New Features 

 FAQ on KN5000  1998.01.03

 Neil Blake's KN DEMO    1998.10.05

 Info EQ settings etc.    1998.10.10

Hi There !

My homepage is not under construction, but it is always becoming more and more ready (created 1997.04.08)

Contact Information

Country of origin
FINLAND (Plays Finlandia by Jean Sibelius)



Like to play Technics Keyboards KN3000, KN5000 etc. Listen to the Spanish Harlem (Ben E. King):

  • -= Spanish Harlem =- A 'Cool' MIDI file played by me, test my playing skills, do not laugh : )

  • Spanish Harlem A MIDI type 0 with lyrics for KN5000 !!!   1998.09.21

  • Spanish Harlem.wrk The same in Cakewalk format, incl. Chords and Lyrics !

  • Spanish The original played by me with Technics KN3000 keyboard
    (Technics format, zipped)

    Some Vangelis´ MIDIs

    Chariots of Fire - Conquest of Paradise - 1492 - Bladerunner

    Reset your sound module

    GM-reset - GS-reset

  • Listen to The End Titles from ' Bladerunner' by Vangelis if you don't hear the Thunder, try with Roland Sound Canvas, a test version of Virtual Sound Canvas VSC55 from Edirol

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