So you've made an adapter, inserted the SFG-05 the wrong way, blew the YM2148 and need to program an new EPROM? No? well I did once. Fortunately I was able to get the ROM from another CX5M, but you might not be that fortunate.

Until now: I've saved the SFG-05 ROM and some cartridges in case you have similar problems. All ROM images start at 4000h exept for the SFG-05 cartridge (which starts at 0000h) Please contact me if you have any additions.

SFG-05 ROM Image (64KB)
YRM-101 FM Music Composer (16KB)
YRM-101 Manual (PDF, 1.2MB)
YRM-102 FM Voicing Program (16KB)
YRM-103 DX7 Voicing Program (16KB)
YRM-104 FM Music Macro (32KB)
YRM-301 MIDI Recorder (32KB)