Service Functions

If you come across a used SY77 you might find these function useful to check if it's really working. Especially "hidden" defects which do not show up at first sight can be detected pretty easily - as long, as you always have at least a pedal, two switches and wave & data card with you.

  Menu Text Function
01 ROM Check Test of ROM-ICs (IC123-126)
02 RAM Read/Write Test of RAM-ICs (IC127-130)
03 Sequencer ROM Test of Sequencer-ROM (IC151)
04 Sequencer RAM Test of Sequencer-RAM (IC153, 158-159)
05 RAM Battery Show Battery Voltage
06 LCD All On switch Display black
07 LCD All Off blank Display
08 LED Check process LED sequence
09 Panel Switch (interactive) Control Panel test
10 Pitch Bend (interactive) Pitch Bend Wheel test
11 Modulation WH1 same as above, but Modulation Wheel 1
12 Modulation WH2 ...and 2
13 Data Entry (interactive) Data Entry Slider test
14 R-Encorder or R-Encorder 
(depends on OS version)
(interactive) Data Entry Wheel test
15 Keyboard Check (interactive) Keyboard test
16 After Touch (interactive) Aftertouch test
17 MIDI (I/O/T) test of MIDI in/out
(connect MIDI in and MIDI out for this test)
18 D-Card Insert (interactive) Data (RAM-) Card insertion test
19 D-Card R/Write Data (RAM-) Card read/write test
20 D-Card Protect Data (RAM-) Card write-protection test
21 D-Card Battery show Battery Voltage of Data (RAM-) Card
22 W-Card Insert same as 18, but Waveform Card
23 W-Card Read same as 19, but Waveform Card (read only)
24 Disk Read/Write Floppy and Floppy Controller test
Warning: Data on disk will be destroyed.
Use empty disks only!
25 Disk Eject (interactive) Disk Eject Sensor test
26 Breath Control (interactive) Breath Controller test
27 Foot Volume same as 26, but Foot Volume Pedal
28 Foot Controller same as 26, but Foot Controller Pedal
29 Sustain Switch (interactive) Sustain Switch test
30 Foot Switch same as 29, but Foot Switch
31 1KHz to L1->L1 1kHz FM Sound to Output L1
32 1KHz to R1->R1 same as 31, but Output R1
33 1KHz to L2->L2 same as 31, but Output L2
34 1KHz to R2->R2 same as 31, but Output R2
35 1KHz to L2->L1 same as 32
If L2 isn't connected, sound must appear on L1.
(Output 1+2 Test)
36 1KHz to R2->R1 same as 35, but R-Outputs
37 1KHz to R1->L1 same as 35, but Output R1
If R1 isn't connected, sound must appear on L1.
(Mono Output Test)
38 Effect_0 to L1 1kHz FM Sound Output (Effect 0 -> L1)
Signal routed to 4 Channels with fallback on
sum- or mono outputs
39 Effect_1 to L1 same as 39, but using FX path 1 (PAN/LEF Test)
40 Effect_2 to L1 same as 39, but using FX path 2 (PAN/LEF Test)
41 PCM Check PCM playback test
42 FM Thru M3(PCM) AWM test
43 FM Thru M3(FM) Digital Filter test
44 Feedback FM->M3 FM Feedback test
45 Click High test of High Click (Metronome)
46 Click Low test of Low Click (Metronome)
47 Jacks All Off check Switch Detection
(plug in both switches and press them, then pull them 
off the jacks while still being pressed)
48 Factory Set Reset SY77 to Factory Settings
(deletes all stored data!)
49 Exit leave menu & reset SY77
50 Jump to CARD undocumented, possibly jumps into program data 
stored on Data Card
Service Functions