MIDI Interfaces & Hardware


  • Classic MIDI Works
  • Make the MidiJet Pro wireless MIDI adapter.
  • Edirol / Roland
  • Distribute Roland's range of SoundCanvas products and USB audio and MIDI interfaces.
  • E-Mu
  • Make audio/MIDI interfaces as well as virtual instruments.
  • Kenton MIDI Retrofits
  • Kenton make MIDI retrofits for the Korg Trident, Poly6, Poly61, CX-3 and BX-3 organs as well as the Oberheim OB-X, OB-8, OB-Xa, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter, Juno-6, Juno-60 and Rhodes Chroma, plus Yamaha CS-70M and CS-80.
  • M-Audio
  • Makers of Mac & PC MIDI hardware. They have a huge range of MIDI interfaces for both desktop & portable computers, patchbays (including digital I/O patchbays) & mixers. See the new MIDISPORT 8X8 USB interfaces for Mac and PC with SMPTE support, plus they can operate as standalone patch bays.
  • Miditemp
  • MIDI file & wave player modules. Also programmable MIDI matrix with 16x16 routing, merge etc. Remote control provided.
  • MIDI Solutions Inc
  • MIDI solutions make a ton of cool MIDI processing devices and control hardware. Also see John Fast for custom MIDI solutions.
  • Mark Of The Unicorn
  • MOTU make a variety of audio and MIDI interfaces for musical needs, including USB devices for both PC and Mac.
  • Native Instruments
  • Present their latest highly rated MIDI/Audio interface Kore for Mac/Windows.
  • Phil Rees MIDI Accessories
  • UK based manufacturer fo MIDI accessories including MIDI merge, MIDI thru boxes, monosynth interfaces and sync units.
  • UHMR
  • UHMR is an interface that allows you to connect MIDI USB class compliant and MIDI DIN devices without the need to use a computer as a bridge between them.
  • USB-Audio
  • USB-Audio make a Mac ASIO driver for USB audio devices.
  • Synhouse MIDIJACK
  • MIDIJACK is a low cost CV->MIDI converter to retrofit most analog synths.

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