Sequential Circuits Zone
Dave Smith talks about the Pro-3 monosynth. Squential is back to life.

Sequential Circuits Links

  • Sequential-Circuits Group
  • Yahoo Group for discussion of Sequential Circuits gear.
  • Sequential Circuits - Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia's page on Sequential Circuits.
  • Archive Sound
  • Vintage synth keyboard repair kits for Moog, Arp, Oberheim, and Sequential Prophet.
  • Harmony Central's Reviews
  • User reviews of Sequential Circuits synths.
  • IOTech Vintage Synth Patches
  • An archive of patches for analog synths stored as .WAV & sysex files to allow you to load then into your synth. The list of patch files includes MOOG, Roland, Korg, Crumar, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits & Oxford.
  • Kenton MIDI Retrofits
  • Kenton make MIDI retrofits for the Korg Trident, Poly6, Poly61, CX-3 and BX-3 organs as well as the Oberheim OB-X, OB-8, OB-Xa, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter, Juno-6, Juno-60 and Rhodes Chroma, plus Yamaha CS-70M and CS-80.
  • MAX Vobiscum
  • A Mac editor for the Sequential Circuits MAX keyboard.
  • Music Machines
  • Info, pictures etc. on a number of Sequential Circuits synths. A good site for all brands.
  • Music Synthesizers
  • Has info on updates for the Prophet 2000 and single cycle waves for the Prophet VS sampler
  • NoteIt's Sequential Circuits Page
  • From the NoteIt Midi Page is a page with resources & info for the Six-Trak & MAX synths.
  • Pro-One Manual
  • Archive of a Pro-One manual online in HTML format.
  • Prophet 2000 Page
  • Prophet 2000 info and resources. Some schematics available.
  • Prophet 2000 Schematics At MKS Site
  • Some schematics for the Prophet 2000 are available to download.
  • Prophet 3000 - Nomad's Page
  • Provides info, files and links to disk images online for the Sequential Prophet 3000.
  • Prophet 5 Tribute Site
  • Information, pictures and resources for the Prophet 5.
  • Prophet VS - Kid Nepro
  • Commercial patches for the Prophet VS with some demo sounds available for download.
  • Prophet VS - Futurenet Overview
  • Archived description of the Prophet VS from Futurenet Publishing.
  • Prophet VS Service Documents
  • Schematics in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format
  • Six Trak Manual
  • SixTrack manual plus other assorted SixTrack related files.
  • Six Trak Faders for Cakewalk/Windows
  • Use Cakewalk sliders to program your Six Trak !
  • Six Trak Manual - Synthesized Dreams
  • "Synthesized Dreams + Nightmares" provides the Six Trak manual scanned for you to download.
  • Six Trak - Philipp Koltsov
  • Provides patches for a number of older synths.
  • Sound Engineering
  • Commercial patches available for the Prophet VS and Prophet 5
  • Synth Fool
  • Includes patch sheets and schematics for many vintage synths including ARP, Sequential Circuits, Moog, Overheim, Korg and Roland.
  • Synthmuseum Sequential Circuits Room
  • Pictures and info on the range of Sequential Circuits synths from Synthmuseum.
  • Unisyn
  • Great Mac & PC editor / librarian from Mark Of The Unicorn with support for over 200 different midi devices including DrumTraks, MAX, Prophet V, Prophet 600, Six-Trac
  • Vintage Synth Explorer
  • Info and pictures of many vintage synths including Sequential Circuits.
  • Wine Country Sequential
  • A long established company with years of experience providing Prophet support and upgrades. Manuals and second hand Prophets are also available. If you own a Prophet I recommend you bookmark this site.

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