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Korg announce the Opsix Altered FM synth. Rob Papen Explorer 6 collection. Korg and Moog provide free synth apps. WIDI Master is wireless MIDI over Bluetooth. Clavinet Whammy Bar system. Synths & Software the name says it all. The history and mystery of the Minitron Sound-On-Sound present the Korg Prologue analog synth. Hexeract is a softsynth available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin, as well as a standalone application for Windows or Mac. Interview with keyboard legend Brian Auger One Man Band arranger software now available for IOS. Bandlab have aquired Cakewalk Sonar and are currently offering it for free download. Stagelight audio MIDI sequencer for Windows, MacOS and Android. Prince's Keyboard Tech tell stories through synths. How To Choose A Digital Piano article. Lee Ritenour again holds his annual competition for Keyboards, Guitar, Bass and Drums through May 31. See the Moog 7th Annual Circuitbending Challenge. Syntorial more than just a synth tutorial. Synthanatomy is a Blog and Video Channel about Software and IOS Synthesizers. Rob o Reilly presents state of the art MIDI guitars. See the Sheer Electronics Relic-6. SonicState review the Behringer DeepMind 12 synthesizer inspired by the Juno 106. Schmidt 8 voice polyphonc analog synth. MaxSynths make their VST instruments freeware including Vintage Drawbars. Beat Buddy is a footswitch drum machine with a sobriety setting.

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  • Suggested Starting Points
    • See if there is a Group for the keyboard you are interested in on the Yahoo Groups.

    • Sonicstate has developed a large database of user reviews as well as reviewing recent gear releases. Harmony Central also has a collection of user reviews and latest press releases. See the Synth Zone BBS for synth related discussion.

    • For music shareware Shareware Music Machine is a very good place to start for any platform, and the Software Archive Sites page has plenty of links you can check out. K-v-R supports open standard audio plugins and is a great source of plugin information.

    • If you are using Windows then MIDI-OX is essential sysex software for sending and receiving patch data with your MIDI synthesizer. If you are using Mac OS X get SysEx Librarian.

    • If the website you desparately wish to find has disappeared you may be able to visit an archived version of it in the past using the Wayback Machine.

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  • Sonicstate @ NAMM 2020 reports. Korg PA4x vs Yamaha Tyros 5 Syntorial is video game-like training software, that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear. See Forte Free notation software. Yamaha Chord Tracker for iOS gives you the chords for an MP3.
  • See the series of articles on synthesis from Audiofanzine Hear the Roland JD-XA Keyboard Mag look at the Artiphone See Artiphone Instrument 1 Chord Keeper available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Keith McMillen make smart fabric keyboard controllers for tablets and computers. It's like a Lego analog synthesizer Korg LittleBits. Return of the Moog Modular.
  • Keyboard Mag review the XILS 4 Soft Synth emulation of the EMS VCS3. Keyboard Mag review the Roland VR-09.
  • A review of the Roland FA-06 Simmons release Stryke-6 drum controller for the iPad. George Duke not only a great keyboard player but an amazing man.
  • Dave Smith talks about the establishment of MIDI.
  • kingKORG is an analog modelling synth from Korg.
  • Synth Zone has updated its listing of useful Youtube Channels. StudioBLADE is a music workstation available with Windows or Mac OSX platforms.
  • See Winter NAMM 2014 reports at Sonicstate and Harmony Central.
  • Korg USA provide video manuals and featured products. Tips & Tricks from Keyboard Mag. Craig Anderton exploits synth and sampler oscillators
  • Korg introduce the Krome workstation. Roland present the INTEGRA-7 SuperNatural Sound Module. VMeter is a USB Touch Strip Midi controller.
  • Synapse present Dune VST VA synth. Keith McMillen presents a range of USB/MIDI controllers.
  • Aturia present Jupiter 8V for Mac and PC. Standback is a low cost light weight amp stand.
  • Sudosonic sell video tutorials for Roland and Korg keyboards. Drum Drops sell live drum beats recorded to analog tape. Preview and audition available.
  • provides just what it says ... free video jazz lessons.
  • SonicState video of the Casio XW-P1 Casio announce the XW synthesizer series.
  • A major upgrade for One Man Band for PC and Mac.
  • Eowave Domino is a discrete monophonic analogue synthesizer with a VCO in the tradition of MS20 and TB303.
  • MIDI Mobilizer and iRig are MIDI interfaces for the iPhone.
  • B4000+ is organ emulation from Ferrofish.
  • VAX-77 is a 76 key MIDI controller that folds in half for easy transport and storage. Waldorf present Lector vocoder plugin for PC and Mac.
  • See Bob Baker's Indie Music Promotion blog. Roland announce the Jupiter 80 is now shipping.
  • iPad apps for the Motif XF links. Spectrasonics present Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere. Groove XR workstation synthesizer in a 2U module.
  • IME Drums Creator for creating drum loops.
  • Korg Kronos sets a new standard for electronic keyboards. Alesis present StudioDock a universal docking station specifically designed for the iPad. MIDI Mobilizer adds MIDI connectivity to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Band In A Box for iPhone extends the usefulness of BIAB desktop. Jam2Jam is collaborative media performance software. Sympheo is a CSound synthesis graphic interface oriented to music composition.
  • MIDI and iPad iOS 4.2 Hear the WIVI Professional Orchestral Synthesizer.
  • 12 Days Of Xmas Progressive Rock Style ;)
  • ThinkGeek sell the Bliptronics 5000 Synth for only $39.99.
  • Groove3 provide tutorials for most major music software packages. FREE Native Instruments Komplete 7 Players for PC or Mac with 1GB library.
  • I hope my new song Last Call played by my band makes you smile. We play it to announce Last Call at our bar gigs.
  • Sonicstate provide a demo of the Roland GAIA SH-01. Rhodes Music Corporation are manufacturing the Rhodes piano again ... and better than ever.
  • Totalmusik release the Metasonix S-1000 Polyphonic Wretch Machine sample library. Korg SOS is a portable unlimited track recorder with effects.
  • Vogue Quattro is a free standalone synthesizer for Mac OS.
  • Wavosaur is a very useful free Windows sound editor supporting wav and mp3 files as well as VST. provides free conversion of YouTube videos to MP3.
  • KeyB is a digitally modelled B3 that is hard to pick from the real thing. Music Notation for MS Word.
  • Ventura Epoch features electric pianos and Ventura's flexible organ model. PowerFX present Big Al synthetic vocaloid software.
  • You Rock Guitar is both a game and MIDI controller. Misa Digital Guitar is a very different type of MIDI controller still in development. Keyboard Magazine interviews Paul Shaffer. Make your own virtual instruments with Synthmaker.
  • Kurzweil release the PC3LE6 for the budget concious.
  • Casio Privia PX-330 the digital piano for everyone.
  • Keyboard magazine presents Michael Jackson: The Keyboards documenting keyboards used on those well known hits.
  • Korg nanoSeries controllers.
  • Zoom R16 is a 16 track digital recorder that doubles as a control surface with 8 XLR-1/4 inch inputs at a rock bottom price.
  • Janostman shows you how to build your own VA synth.
  • is collection of musical toys from the 70s and 80s with pictures and soundbites. Cantabile is a host for virtual music instruments and audio effects.
  • See Toontrack for Windows drum sampler software.
  • The Dave Smith Mopho provides Prophet8 sound in an affordable mono synth. .
  • MOOG long known for synth products releases the MOOG Guitar.
  • Ed Diaz demonstrates the new Roland AX-Synth at NAMM 2009. See SonicState's NAMM 2009 coverage.
  • Jam Studio lets you create music online.
  • Return To Forever have reunited after more than 25 years featuring Chick Corea's mastery of the synthesizer.
  • SM Pro Audio announce 3 new VST plugin compatible hardware devices. John Bowen presents the Solaris.
  • Checkout NAMM 2008 Oddities. Sonicstate's NAMM report on the new Prophet 8
  • Plugiator is a hardware module that features DSP plugins providing advanced modeling including synths and organs.
  • See the Sonicstate NAMM 2008 reports. Lots of good video coverage.
  • Extreme Sample Translator is a multifunctional audio program with advanced conversion between different sample formats.
  • Jazz virtuoso Oscar Peterson passes away at age 82.
  • Hamichord make a two manual organ with drawbars that uses the Native Instruments B4 software.
  • Keyboard Mag take a look at virtual Rhodes, Wurli and Clav synths.
  • One Man Band V10.0 is a software arranger for Windows with Yamaha style support.
  • Real Strat is a plugin to emulate electric guitar sounds ... and does it extremely well. You HAVE to checkout the Real Strat version of Voodoo Chile.
  • The world has lost legendary jazz keyboardist and synthesizer pioneer Joe Zawinul who played with Miles Davis and Weather Report.
  • Casio issue a recall on the CTK-710 keyboard. Keyboard Magazine present an article on virtual orchestral instruments.
  • SonicTransfer provide tutorials for sequencing and audio software. Impro-Visor is free Java software to help develop jazz improvisation skills.
  • Keyboard TV provides a feature on arranger keyboards.
  • VirtMus is freeware software to display music notation on your Windows PC.
  • Musicians Clinics covers hearing loss and musicians injuries.
  • Hiromi plays inspiring piano and synthesizer.
  • is a great place to spend some time revisiting the past.
  • Pianoteq is a VST instrument for Mac/PC providing physical modelled piano.
  • Keyboardmag TV is Keyboard magazine's new streaming media site with videos related to keyboards and artists.
  • Roland present the VP-550 vocal modeller.
  • provides news on Mac and PC music software and hardware releases.
  • MCmu is Windows software that enables any MIDI controller to speak Mackie Control Universal.
  • We'll always remember Billy Preston's memorable contributions to modern music.
  • Little Phatty is a new affordable synth from Moog.
  • Watch Yamaha's demo video of the MO6/MO8.
  • Native-Instruments presents the B4 II virtual organ.
  • Read about automapping with Novation ReMOTE SL.
  • MIDITEMP Multistation MSX is a standalone MIDI and digital audio player/recorder.
  • INetSynth is a stand-alone synthesizer or plugin supporting AU, VST, and RTAS formats on both Mac and PC.
  • Korg presents the RADIAS synthesizer.
  • timewARP 2600 is a softsynth emulation of the ARP 2600 for Mac OSX and Windows XP.
  • Drumagog 3 is a Direct-X plugin that automatically replaces drum tracks with your choice of new samples.
  • Hear Jordan Rudess use his analog modular synth.
  • Jamstix is a virtual drummer VSTi that revolutionizes the creation of natural sounding drum tracks.
  • Kristal is Windows multitrack recording software and is free for non-commercial use.
  • SonicState feature the Behringer BCF2000 MIDI control surface. They have a long list of gear articles.
  • Colossus is a 32GB GM sample set from East-West.
  • sfz is VSTi sample player software for Windows.
  • Virtual Fader Master is MIDI control software for Windows XP.
  • eJamming present online MIDI jamming software.
  • The Widi Recognition System provides MP3 to MIDI conversion for Windows.
  • SonicState reviews the Roland Fantom XR.
  • Impulse Responder is Windows software that allows you to design custom audio processors. Beta version available.
  • JUMP is a highly streamlined Windows MIDI sequencer, designed to help you compose music.
  • Muse Research let you take your VST plugins on the road.
  • Midistream is wireless MIDI from Kenton.
  • Tracktion from Mackie provides low cost MIDI and audio sequencing.
  • CD Sequencer is a Windows MIDI recording tool that synchronises MIDI to an audio CD.
  • PeerSynth is a multiuser synth application.
  • PSP Nitro is the "ultimate multimode filter plugin" for MacOs and PC.
  • Berklee Shares provides free music lesson for keyboards and other instruments.
  • SoundSeat for Drummers, Guitarists,Keyboard Players and Sound Techs. Very comfortable seats designed for the performing musician.
  • Midifier provides realtime audio to MIDI conversion.
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra runs standalone or as a plugin on Windows and MacOs.
  • Whatever happened to This report documents CNET's decision in 2003 to kill the music service.
  • Bill Kopp presents My Incredible Non-Career a tour of his instruments through the years complete with descriptions and photos.
  • SongTrellis provides "Music and Musical Know-how For You".
  • Sonicstate take a close look at the microKORG.
  • Applied Acoustics presents Windows & Mac electronic piano modeling softsynth Lounge Lizard.
  • One Man Band is PC software that turns any MIDI keyboard into an arranger keyboard.
  • Storm 2.0 is a feature packed virtual studio for both Windows and Mac from Arturia.
  • MusicLab announce the release if MIDIoverLAN+ for Windows which can share MIDI between applications and over a LAN.

  • If you have any technical questions post them on on the Synth Zone Discussion Page
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